We help 7 & 8 figure ecom brands scale their profitability by turning their one time buyer into loyal brand advocates

Through retention strategies (emails, SMS, direct mailing) we increase the LTV & AOV of your current customers while cutting your acquisition costs by 30%.

Companies That Trust Us

Brendan, Co Founder and CEO Fancii​​

"They've done a spectacular job. Provides the high level strategy that is needed for your company to succeed. Highly Recommended!"

Anastasia, COO MDNT:45

"We've doubled our percentage of email revenue in first few months. Their team is responsive and collaborative. You should give them a try!"

Ana Parra, Co Founder of Wiwiurka​

"I am really happy with the results and I highly suggest to work with them."

Akshay, Ecom Manager Kinvara Skincare​

"Result speak for itself. Email is our most profitable marketing channel. I can always recommend them!"

Our RLTC System (Retention Lifetime Cycle)

What used to be the cherry on the top is now a crucial part of every succeeding DTC brand. Retention. We admit Emails, SMS texts and postcards aren’t sexy and nothing to brag about at parties but they generate massive profits for our clients. Spend your time doing what you're good at and let us handle all of the boring tasks below:


We create, monitor and frequently adjust highly profitable flows tailored to your brand and your metrics. Examples would be Abandonded Checkout, Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment, Customer Winback, VIP Flows and much more


We send out 2 - 5 weekly campaigns with a mix of promotions, nurturing and valuable content for our subscribers. This will keep your list engaged and lead to additional revenue with no extra costs associated with.


Every email we send it tailored to the right audience which will lead to better conversion, reduced unsubscribe rates and better deliverability.


Frequent A/B tests will help us get the most juice out of your list/audience. Through proper testing strategies we find the perfect combinations for your customer to improve results and scale revenue.

List Growth

Growing your List size is crucial to keeping the list healthy and help you scale. We strategise and execute on Growth tools such as crosspolinating from other channels, dedicated ads, giveaways, quizfunnels & finding the best pop up offers.

Not just Emails

Our toolkit ranges from common retention strategies such as SMS & Emails but it doesn’t end there. We always push for more growth with advanced community building or dedicated postletters to turn your one time buyer into brand advocates!

#1 Case Study - Sport Apparel for Pregnant Women

4.85% of attributed email revenue to 30%+ in less than 45 days

Generating over $80,982 in additional revenue in the first 80D of working together

This year Lucy (founder of Sweat and Milk) partnered up with a different agency than ours trying to scale up the email revenue. This partnership turned out to be disappointingly slow, taking a month to produce a total of around 8 emails.

After giving her an entire 30+min audit on what we would adjust and a gameplan that looked promising she took the leap and we partnered up.

#2 Case Study - Fashion

From $6,833 in email revenue in June to $97,209 in November

We were able to skyrocket the Klaviyo revenue in less than 4 months by implementing our NSP (No Spam Protocol) which helped us get out of spam and double our open rates. Paired with high-converting flows and the correct campaign strategy we increased our email revenue by 1000%. Obviously, those numbers are inflated by the general store growth and higher ad traffic.

Before Ecom Mails

After Ecom Mails

#3 Case Study - Skincare

Before working with us Kinvara Skincare they were seeing only 7% of revenue through their flows and consistently:

After 60 days of working with us, their email revenue was at an all-time high with flows now generating 20% of their total revenue and overall email results increased by 37% through fixing the leaking holes in their email strategy netting them an additional €80k in revenue and a total email revenue of €296k in less than 4 months.

See full breakdown of the case study

#4 Case Study - Home Décor

May 2022 they decided to start working with a cheaper agency instead of us.

Their results were mediocre and end of August after tying them up in a 3 month contract the maximum percentage of revenue was 19%.

Since we knew we will start working on the 1st of September we prepared everything in advance so on the 1st everything was live and within 30 Days they went from €34,945 (19%) to €61,571 (36%)

See full breakdown of the case study

#5 Case Study - Montessori inspired Child Toys

37% of total revenue from emails, $390,717 in additional revenue in 2022.

They never paid too much attention to emails before starting to work with us. They were using Mailchimp and sent some emails here and there.

September 2021 they hired us to get emails going. Since then we generated more than half a million dollars in email revenue, around $390k in 2022. We’ve averaged around 37% of total revenue through emails in 2022

So Why Us ?

Undivided Focus

• Few Clients
• Custom plans

Proven Experts

• Proven results for 7fig+ clients
• Social Proof

Ridiculously Good

• Only focus on retention
• No other services

How You Scale Through Retention

We’ll integrate retention automations and manual campaigns without you having to worry about anything. Onbrand designs & copy, tailored strategies to your LTV & AOV and rigorous, intensive split tests & optimisation will cut your acquisition costs + reconvert your customers across the board leaving you with additional profit without having to spend more on ads.

Noticeable ROI in less than a month

After implementing our retention strategies your one time customer will turn into brand advocates leaving you with an increase in profit margins and the ability to scale up your front end advertising without having to worry about your backend.

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